BOQ ( Bill Of Quantities )

boqOur take off teams are specialise in preparing Bill of Quantities for Contractors, Sub-Contractors, and also Self-Builders / Developers wishing to tender projects themselves. Bills are produced using SMM7 (Standard Method of Measurement 7th Edition) or CESMM3 (Civil Engineering Standard Method of Measurement 3rd Edition), however we can adjust styles to suit clients needs, and other methods are available upon request.

We can generally prepare a Bill of Quantities for a residential house (not exceeding 300m² GIFA) in around 2 days, with turn-around guaranteed within 7 days from receipt of order.

We also price Bill of Quantities for Contractors, where the BOQ has been prepared elsewhere and the contractor is tendering for the works. We typically use a combination of sub-contract rates (which we obtain on the Contractors behalf) together with rates built up by ourselves first principles Labour, Plant and Materials + OH&P margin built in (competitive levels used or as instructed by the client).

Contractors notify us of their labour supply rates, then we build up rates from scratch (where necessary) to acquire competitive rates using both industry recognised productivity rates and site specifics which could impact productivity.