KEMA Landscaping service offers a comprehensive line of services to meet all your lawn care needs. Whether it is new construction or restoration of an existing yard, our skilled craftsmen will work with you in creating your ideal outdoor environment. Our services include, but are not limited to

Landscape Design Services:land_scapiing

» Site analysis and conceptual design
» Landscape design and implementation plan
» Coordination of any necessary approvals


»Soil Preparation
» Grading
» Earth Sculpting.
» Screening berms, windbreaks, swales, detention areas
» level lawn areas

Water Features:

» Decorative Ponds.
» Installation and maintenance of Waterfalls, streams.
» Tranquil lagoons.
» Install Sprinkler System
» Irrigation & Drainage

Perennial Plants and Bed care:

» Plant dividing and rejuvenation
» Transplanting
» Mulching
» Fertilization
» Winterizing

Landscape Maintenance

Our complete landscaping maintenance services, which are available to homeowners, businesses, and organizations throughout Sri Lanka, include the following: Mowing, fertilizing, bed care, mulching, trimming, pruning, irrigation maintenance, lawn aeration, over-seeding, leaf removal, planting, preparation of annual beds, removal of annuals, and tree and shrub care.

Landscape Installation

Whether starting from bare ground or renovating an existing landscape we can make your vision come to life. In today’s water conscious environment there are a number of choices available. Drought tolerant, native plants, low water, low maintenance, deer resistant, and Xeriscape are all concepts we are intimately familiar with at Kadira Estate Managment Agency  and we are ready to help you understand how those ideas can work for you.

Landscape Design

KEMA works with a local horticulturist and landscape designers to provide design services such as plant selection, layout, and oversight from concept to completion.  They designs feature native, low water, low-maintenance, yet elegant, landscapes designed for the many climates found in the Sri Lanka.