Property Development

  • KEMA takes under Commercial Real Estate Development Projects for clients, or at Project Management Activities in Addition to or as a development partner.
  • Within the Sri Lankan real estate markets in which we are active, we will search for permanently development project opportunities.
  • Depends on the situation, a KEMA development team is formed to Further Investigate project development prospects.
  • Product and process related aspect as well as typical commercial and financial aspect For Each of These stu dies are covered by KEMA.
  • Once considered sufficiently interesting, a development prospect Will Be Further elaborated.
  • Real estate development projects have full benefit from the Multi disciplinary and international profile of our expertise.
  • With Kadira Estate Management Agency property alliances have get bone up for the purpose of Investigating and Realizing Actually development projects.

Our services include:

  • Identifying and acquiring suitable land
  • Managing the construction process
  • Facilities management » Sale and lease back
  • Obtaining planning permission
  •  Financing the project
  •  Designing your site and its buildings and landscaping